Our financial planning process will deliver you an easy to follow roadmap to help pursue your goals. Our three-step process includes:

Analyzing your current strategies and identifying the gaps in your current plan.

Together we strategize the best options for you to address those gaps.

Develop & Deliver your Roadmap with the action steps needed to prepare for your future.

Through our financial planning process, we take a holistic approach to retirement as a whole: from retirement income strategies to your final wishes, Cardinal Wealth wants to help develop a plan that will see you to and through your retirement journey.

Retirement Income Strategies and Cash Flow Analysis

Let your lifestyle define your retirement; we’ll help you figure out the best way to pay for and help protect it. Everyone’s retirement income needs vary. Whether you want to travel, open a business, or spend more time with family, you will need a consistent stream of income in retirement that you can’t outlive.

The traditional retirement for most retirees is a thing of the past. This was when you worked for the same company most of your career, retired with a pension and Social Security that supplemented most of your preretirement income, which required minimal financial planning.

Today people are retiring younger and living longer. We need to plan for longevity and account for potential increases in medical cost. Ultimately, in today’s retirement we are more self-dependent financially when planning for income in retirement.

Cardinal Wealth’s income strategy assessment will help provide and overview of what your lifestyle could cost, your desire to spend it all or to leave a legacy, how you plan to pay for it, and determine if you are on the right track. We will review how much you can spend on a sustainable basis and which retirement income sources should we tap first and in what amounts.

Portfolio Analysis

If you’ve been maintaining a financial portfolio for any amount of time, you know the market is volatile, to say the least. In this section of your plan, we will analyze your portfolio, explain how much risk you are taking, and what the appropriate amount is given your goals.

While understanding one’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and age are important factors, determining the appropriate asset allocations needs to go beyond this. Your retirement income plan should dictate what the right investment vehicles are for you, not the other way around. Knowing the strategies needed to work toward your goals, we create custom portfolios to pursue those objectives.

Income Tax Planning

You’ve worked hard for your retirement; shouldn’t you be getting the most out of it?

Upon completing our Income assessment, we will know how your retirement will be taxed and if you are making the most tax-efficient choices. For example, identifying instances you may be causing additional unwanted costs to your retirement like increased Social Security taxation or increased Medicare premiums.

We will review what tax bucket your assets are in and if there are any asset-shifting strategies you should be taking advantage of to lower the amount of taxes you will be paying both this year and, in the future, to keep more of what’s yours in your own pocket, rather than the taxman’s pocket.

We will review which investments have tax advantages that will maximize your after-tax return. It’s not just about what you earn on your portfolio, but what you keep after taxes.

Risk Management and Asset Protection Planning

Retirement planning is all about risk management. Our financial planning process will make you more aware of the risks that could derail your retirement dreams. We at Cardinal Wealth Group can help you determine how much risk exposure you have and the best options to help you minimize it.

We will take a look at your plan, compare your stage of life, and discuss what risk you can live with and what risk we should eliminate. You worked hard to build your wealth. Let us help make sure you protect it by identifying asset protection strategies.

We will review opportunities to partner with third-party estate planning attorneys to use legal strategies to help protect your assets and alternatively when insurance may be a more prudent choice.

Estate Planning

Estate planning documents your intentions and simplify complexities regarding the control over your assets and finances as well as medical decisions while living or after passing. As a part of our Retirement Roadmap focus points we will review your current Estate plan to make sure it is the right fit.

With all of our clients at Cardinal Wealth we want to make sure that your “phase 1” of estate planning is taken care of, which would make sure you have an up to date Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Living Will and any other suitable Estate document.

Our estate planning process has been developed to simplify, streamline, and reduce the cost of getting an estate plan.

For many of our client preserving their wealth and transferring it to the next generation is as important as their retirement plan. When you develop an estate plan with your retirement income strategy in mind, it’s important to identify the most tax-efficient assets that you can pass down to the next generation.